Home Inspection

Home Inspection

Whether a buyer is performing a home inspection on your house or if you would like a pre-inspection before putting it on the market, it is a good idea to understand what a Licensed Home Inspector will do.

They will identify all the minor and major repairs needed, perform other inspections such as termite, radon, well and septic. Home inspection fees will vary according to the size and age of your home.

Here are some of the areas a Home Inspector will review:


Driveways, steps, windows, doors, trim, drainage, porches, decks


Age, condition of flashing, draining systems, damage or buckled shingles, gutters, downspouts, skylights, and chimneys.


Every room gets examined thoroughly Walls, ceilings, flooring, stairs, railings Countertops, cabinets, toilets, tubs, showers Garage door and automatic openers. All appliances included are tested


Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air Conditioning Systems, Water Heater, Ventilation and Insulation