About Us

Who are we?

Next Step Realty is a Baltimore based real estate firm that was built on innovation and holding ourselves to a higher standard with emphasis on technology, customer service and training.

We are passionate about delivering exceptional service from beginning to end.

Our firm provides a myriad of services to ensure our clients obtain their dreams. From sales and investments, mortgage rates, new developments and title insurance, we have experts in every field to guide you skillfully from beginning to the end of your real estate journey.

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Our understanding and past experience in the real estate industry has separated our brokerage from the rest.  Our real estate experience started with a six-year journey with a larger Re/Max franchise.  As the real estate market began to change in 2006, we decided to make a dramatic change and shift our real estate careers into addressing the needs of distressed homeowners by starting a short sale negotiation company.   Between 2006-2011, we successfully built a multi-million dollar short sale company, but more importantly, we helped over 3,500 individual homeowners avoid foreclosure and allowing them to walk away debt-free and getting a fresh start.

It is through this experience that we decided to continue our dedication in helping people and transfer this venture into building our own unique real estate brokerage.

All of our agents are highly selective and internally trained to the highest level of standards. We believe in quality over quantity and make every effort to recruit and train only the best people.

We know this market inside and out – not last month’s market, not last week’s market, not yesterday’s market, but today’s market. It’s just part of who we are.

We want you to feel completely secure and confident, knowing that we’re handling every important detail, and constantly working on your behalf.

Our clients are everything. We work tirelessly from dusk ‘til dawn to be the real estate firm that can help you can rely on. We set your mind at ease, and provide you with every piece of inside info, market data, and financial analysis that you need to make the wisest decisions possible, and to achieve the financial goals and transactional outcomes you deserve.